The surrounding area of Paleohora offers a lot of possibilities to hike. Aspecially during spring and fall, when the weather is not that hot, nature is presenting itself from the beautiful side.

Anidri A very popular and not too exhausting hike from Paleohora leads to the little mountain village of Anidri (about 1,5 hours of walk). Once there the village's kafeneion invites the wanderer for a nice rest with a magnificent view to the sea. From there you continue the walk towards Janiskari Beachthrough the beautiful Anidri Gorge (about 1 hour of walk). Janiskari Beach offers three fabulous bays (pebbles and sand) to relax and swim. A small cantina with real nice atmosphere provides typical Crete cuisine. The way back to Paleohora follows the coast line and needs about 1,5 hours walk.
Also a very nice hiking tour follows the European Hiking Path E4 towards west to the beautiful beach of Elafonissi. To avoid the boring walk a long the street to Krios Beach it is better to take a taxi to get there and start the walk from here. From Krios Beach to Elafonissi it takes about 3,5 hours to walk. The way back you can make by ferry boat (departure 16:00 - about 1 hour trip). Please ask at the office of Emotion Travel the evening before you leave, if the weather conditions allow the boat to go. There you also get your boat tickets. You also can make the excursion by starting the trip by boat and walk back on E4. Weg nach Elafonissi
Lissos A really great walk for experienced hikers follows also E4, but in east direction. You walk from Paleohora via Lissos to Sougia (about 5 - 6 hours to walk). For the way back again you can catch the daily ferry boat to Paleohora (departure from Sougia 17:20). As an alternative this walk can also be done by starting with the boat in the morning from Paleohora and walk back on E4.
A lot of activities you can do by mountain bike. In Paleohora you can rent one for about € 5,- per day. You can discover the surrounding villages, which are quite romantic and genuine, and the wild landscape.
The Austrian Gerhard Stelzhammer offers courses in sculpting for beginners and on demand also for advanced people. Art lovers as well as artists who are interested in visual arts have the chance to experience working with stone.


For longer distance excursions we recommend to book in advance a rent car. Please notice our great offers by SUNNY rent a CAR!

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