THE ISLE OF GAVDOS GavdosThis is a small island, forgotten in the Libyan Sea and the most south derly island of Europe. Known since the Neolithic and described by Homer as the Isle of Ogyia, where the nymph Calypso held Odysseus for six years. Apostle Paul mentioned the island as Klavadi. During the occupation by the Venetians it was a hiding place from the pirates and the Saracens.
The small island offers wild-romantic nature and landscapes. Cedars, pine and cypress trees grow there and one can discover beautiful caves and imposing rock arches at the coast of Kamareles and Tripiti. It is an ideal place to get in touch with nature and chill out. Thhree times a week there is a scheduled boat from Paleohora to Karawe, the island's port.

Elafonissos ELAFONISSOS is one of the most beautiful beaches in Western Crete, situated west of Paleohora. Opposite the beach there is a small island which can be reached by foot, as the water is very shallow between the beach and the island. The beach is famous for its rose colored sand - very fine-grained pink sea shells are the reason for this beautiful phenomenon. In 1824 Turkish-Egyptian soldiers slaughtered the Christians of the region here.
The beach can be reached by boat, which goes daily from Paleohora, or by foot along the European trekking path E4 or by car via the villages Sarakina - Strovles - Elos.

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