Your booking
You will find handling of booking and conditions of payment within our terms and conditions.
Rates published at our web site are per unit and night, unless otherwise stated. We have calculated our rates very competitivly so that we can provide you good value. Because of this we are not able to offer any discounts.
For short notice enquiries we want to point out, that in high season, especially in the months of August and September, the chances are very small to get the requested accommodation. There is a big demand for suites, big apartments and villas. Therefore our clients book them very early in advance to ensure getting the accommodation.

Categories of rooms
Studios or 1-bed-room-apartments consist of one various sized room which contains the beds and the kitchenette. Additionally there is a separate bath room with shower and toilet.
Apartments consist of at least two separate rooms; one of them contains the kitchenette. There is a separate bath room with shower and toilet.
Suites are more or less the same as apartments, but they do not have any cooking facilies. They are only available at hotels.
Hotel rooms are usualy double rooms with their own private bath room.
Exact details are given at each description of our offered accommodations.

Equipment in kitchens
All studios and apartments are equipped with kitchens. These are usualy simple kitchenettes with 2 ring hop, a sink and a refrigerator. The standard of the kitchens and their equipment is not the same as you are used to at home. The equipment of dishes and cutles is suposed to prepare for you breakfast or light meals – nothing more. Accesoirs aas bread knives, meat knives, wodden spoons or garlic presses are not supplied. Also kitchen towles are not supplied.

Occupancy numbers
Occupancy numbers per unit mentioned in the description of every single accommodation are always the maximum occupancies. Extra beds are, unless mentioned, metal folding beds for temporary use
If you book the maximum number of persons, according to the occupancy limit, the space in your apartment/studio may be/will be restricted.

Cleaning of the rooms
Cleaning and change of linen and towels in all self catering accommodation offered by us will be done twice a week.
Cleaning at hotels the will be done every day, change of linen and towels twice a week.

Linen and towels
are provided in every accommodation by the owners.

Client’s wishes
We are happy to forward your wishes concerning the accommodation to the owners but can not guarantee for they will be met. Usually the hoteliers try to do their best, but we do not have any influence on the allocation of rooms.

Low season
If possible plan your holidays in low season. Beside the fact that the accommodations are cheaper you will find the island much quieter.

High season
August is the month of the Greeks’ holidays. At this period of the year not only the beaches are busy. The restaurants are full, the bars are crowded and open until dawn. Accordingly you will wait longer to get your meal served or your drink. Closing hours are more or less not enforced by the local authorities and no notice is taken about the noise caused by motor bikes and cars all night long.

Building sites
There is still a big amount of building work going on in Crete, as in all Greece. If building works should start near your booked accommodation we will inform you immediately and if they are unreasonable we will offer you an alternative.

Technical devices
In case of a defect occuring please do not expect immediate repair. It can be difficult to get artisans like plumbers or electricians in high season, because of the heat and their holidays. Therfore it could take a while until the defect is repaired.

Supply of water and electricity
In general the island of Crete has enough water, in Paleohora you can drink the water from the tap and it is good quality. In the last couple of years there have been occasional breaks in the water supply. If there is a fault it could take a couple of days to get repaired. Only a few accommodations do have big enough reserve water tanks. In case of that we ask you for patience, and if it helps you: the whole village is suffering…
The power supply does not always meet the high demand in summer from air conditions and high visitor numbers. There are occasional power cuts during summer time, but they never last longer than 3 or 4 hours.

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