Anidri This little mountain village lies approximately 5 km out of Paleohora and is a place where visitors feel at home from the first minute they arrive. As legend has it, it was founded by the family of Vardoulakis, who was fleeing from the Sfakia because of a blood revenge. And still it seems, that the name Vardoulakis is the only here. At the end of the 19th century there were 17 families with about 100 members living in the village; nowadays the number is less than the half. But the total number of villagers is increasing again, as in the last few years foreigners are coming to live here, and it looks as though in the future they may become the majority.
Anidri No wonder, as the place offers a quiet atmosphere, typical of Cretan mountain villages. Everybody knows each other, and you meet the everyone for a chat at the only taverna "to skolio" - the former school of Anidri - which is itself an "insider's tip" of the area. At the same time you can enjoy life off the beaten track. Chickens are scratching around and dogs are barking at passing cars or chasing cats. During the hot summer days the cicadas provide a furious concert. In the evenings, when the wind is blowing from the right side, through the gorge you can hear the sound of the ferry boat coming from Agia Roumeli and Sougia or the returning post boat from Gavdos (Those who like to walk, can go down this gorge to Janiskari beach - it takes about 1 hour to get there). The nights are full of the sound of owls and the chirp of grasshoppers, who certainly seem to have a lot to say .
Anidri Nobody needs to miss the amenitiesy of the "civilized" world, as the center of the area, the town of Paleohora, is nearby. And in any case you have to go "down" - as there are no facilities in Anidri for shopping. As there is no public bus connection, people living or holidayings here either have to walk or drive down the scenic road to the sea and the town.

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