The region around Paleohora is rich in mid Byzantine monuments. You can visit various small churches and chapels with interesting and rare murals and frescos and ruins from the early Christian period.

CHRISSOSKALITISSA Monastery of the socalled Chrissoskalitissa ("golden step").

ANIDRI Tthe church of Saint George is found here. It has a cross-vault and frescos painted by the well-known Saints image-painter John Pagomenos dated in 1323

PLATANES The church of Saint Marina with famous frescos The Damned from 1323 by John Pagomenos and the churches of Saint Dimitrios and the Godmother with frescos from 1457.

KALAMOS The Byzantine Church of Saint John the evangelist with rare and well conserved frescos of the Ascension of Christ, the Betrayal, the Tombstone and the resurrection of Lazarus.

AZOGYRES Church of Saint Theodoros, which was built by Saint John the Stranger. Church of the Holy Fathers (Agioi Pateres) with an evergreen plane tree, the cave of Zoures, where the Holy Fathers lived. There is also a little museum of history and popular art.

ASFENDYLES The church of Saint John with frescos of the resurrection of Lazarus, the baptism of Saint George and Saint Dimitrios on horse back.

PRODROMI At a place called Skafidakia the church of Panagia (godmother) of Skafidakia, frescos by John Pagomenos in 1347. The churches of Saint Panteleimon, Saint Paul and Saint George.

SPANIAKOS Church of Saint George with cross-vault, church of Saint Martina built in 1457 and the church of the Holy Mother.

VLITHIAS Renovated church of the Holy Mother and the church of Christ the Saver with murals of 1358.

KOUNDOURA Here there are several Byzantine churches, like the one of the Holy Mother of 1400, the church of Saint John the Theologos of 1358, the church of Saint Evstratios and many more.

B>RODOVANI Church of the Holy Mother with Byzantine frescos

SOUGIA Church from the early Christian period and ruins of two churches from about 100 AD with mosaic floors, which were destroyed by the Saracens.

SARAKINA Byzantine church with well conserved wall frescos

KEFALI Church of Christ's Metamorphosis built in 1300 with interesting frescos.

MAZA Church of Saint Nikolas with frescos from the thirteenth century.

Kloster ChrissoskalitissaAnidri

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